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Final Surge Training Log
Final Surge Training Log


FS Series Event Production Company


FS Series Event Production Company

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Two men receive lifesaver award from Red Cross

FS Series Event Production Company

News 14

By: Andy Mattison

CARY — Two men were awarded the Red Cross Certificate of Merit Thursday night in Raleigh for saving a triathlon runner's life during a race in June.

Chris Cramarossa suffered a heart attack after the race but was revived after the men used an automatic external defibrillator on him.

"I was extremely tired. I didn't feel well. But you push yourself for over an hour I felt maybe it was a little dehydration," said Cramarossa.

But after he finished it only got worse.

"I felt myself about to pass out so I told my wife I was about to pass out so I did," said Cramarossa.

Cramarossa was having a heart attack. FS Series President Jason Biggs got trainer Brent Dorenkamp who used an automatic external defibrillator to assist with Cramarossa.

"We activated EMS and we had our AED there and with the help of rescue workers we were able to revive him using the AED," said Dorenkamp.

"As soon as that AED hit him you could just see it looked like his blood just came back to him. He was still kind of out of it but it looked like he came back to life a little bit," said Biggs.

The AED saved Cramarossa's life. Months after the event he is in good health and credits the two men for their actions.

"I'm very thankful that because these guys reacted so quickly that I can continue to do the things I love and that's race," said Cramarossa.

"I'm very thankful everything turned out the way it did. That's our worst nightmare for something to go wrong," said Dorenkamp.

At an event where timing is everything the quickness of two men after the race helped save this runner's life.

To find out how you can receive AED training, visit the American Red Cross website.

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