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Girls Run the World Sprint Triathlon (WOMEN ONLY)

The 250 yard pool swim will take place in the Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield's lap pool.  Participants will then make their way to the transition area in the larger parking lot in the back corner of the facility.  The bike course is a technical course that will present some nice flats and a few small climbs great for the beginner triathlete.  To finish the race, athletes will enjoy a 2 mile run through the neighborhoods in the northern most parts of Wake County.  There will be a water station as you exit the transition area and at the turnaround on the run.  The race will finish up near the transition area.  Post race snacks and water will be available at the finish line.

The race course revolves around a transition area next to the Rex Healthcare of Wakefield facility. The same transition area will be used for all phases. The transition area will open at 5:00 am; ALL bikes need to be placed in position before the transition area closes at 6:45am.

Swim Times:

All participants must submit a average 100 yard swim time for seeding purposes.
Being a pool swim with a staggered start, participants are seeded from fastest to slowest.   If you know any previous swim time from a practice, race, etc., we have supplied a distance calculator next to your estimated swim time. By seeding yourself properly, you'll end up swimming near people who swim the same pace as you. This will reduce the number of people who you will need to pass or the number of people who will be passing you.



Swim Start Times - We use a manual timer so the breaks and lineup are controlled by FS!

Sunday, April 27th, 2014. On this day, you will accomplish more than you thought possible. You will overcome doubt, fear and adversity. And you will beam with pride, strength and joy while doing it.  Are you ready? Take this chance to inspire yourself and someone else! Girls Run The World is a triathlon for females ages 13 and up. This 3rd year event will be held at the state of the art Rex Wellness Center facility in Wakefield. This Super-Sprint tri consists of a 250 yard swim in an indoor saline pool, a 10 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run through the beautiful Wakefield community. Maybe you have overcome obstacles in your own life – sickness, injury, grief – and now you have a chance to compete in a triathlon with dedication, positive attitude and fierce determination. This race is for women daring to toe the start line for the very first time, women who have battled personal challenges to become stronger, women who have found fortitude in their golden years or after having children, and for women who want take their lives and their future into their own hands. Relax….. smile….. open your eyes and go…… the feelings you will experience during the race and the sense of accomplishment at the end are priceless.  Finishing IS Winning.

Chris Newport MS, RDN, LDN with Endurance NEWtrition will be hosting FREE nutritional seminars for this event. There are limited seats! Feel free to signup for your spot once you have registered for this event. If you sign up for more than one REX Race you are free to attend each seminar! Each location will be a different topic!

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